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Internet Of Things


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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

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Application development

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Internet of Things

By connecting devices, data, and demography we give you the insights, you need to optimize your processes and drive growth.

Internet of Things | Electric Vehicles Monitoring & Management


Electric Vehicles Monitoring & Management

  • Remote Monitoring & Management of Electric Vehicles coupled with dashboarding powered by in-house IoT Platform.
  • Providing real-time data on battery performance, energy consumption, location etc., helping manufacturers, vendors to manage alerts, schedule maintence and much more.
  • Supporting RBAC with multiple user profiles for multiple vendor access control.
  • Customizable widgets to allow dashboard layout and themes to suit specific vendor, customers.

Internet of Things | Energy Metering

Energy Metering

  • An IoT dashboard for energy metering serves as a valuable tool for monitoring, managing, and optimizing energy consumption in various applications such as Residential, Commercial building, Data center, Agriculture etc...
  • Providing real-time insights, historical trends, and actionable information from energy meters, helping to make informed decision to reduce energy consumption, lower costs and minimize environmental impact.
  • Supports wide connectivity technologies (4G/5G LTE, LTE CAT M1/NB1,Wi-Fi, BLE) with industry standard protocols support (LwM2M, MQTT, CoAP, OPC UA, Modbus)
Digital Twin 3D

Internet of Things | Asset Tracking and Monitoring

Track and Monitor
Your Assets with Ease!


Asset Tracking & Monitoring

  • Low power retrofittable IoT monitoring devices to track and monitor sensor data and relay it to IoT PF.
  • Connectivity powered by Cellular technologies (LTE CAT M1/NB1/NB2)
  • Data collected, analysed and visualized on AIOTEL IoT PF dashboard.

Camera Less Tracking

Gaze tracking & Object Tagging

Video Analytics

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Artificial Intelligence

Our advanced solutions deliver real-time results with unmatched efficiency. Our extensive experience in the field leverages the power of computer vision with top-notch performance and precision.

Artificial Intelligence | Camera Less tracking

Unmask Greatness

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Camera Less Tracking

  • Using camera-less technologies to track people, vehicles, and objects, while keeping privacy intact.
  • Integrating with IoT PF for visualizing collected data and insights, subsequently making better strategic decisions upon the inference gathered.

Artificial Intelligence | Gaze tracking & Human Tagging

Watching Every Step

Gaze Tracking & Human Tagging

  • Understanding customer's shopping behaviour to help make strategic decisions by tracking their movement and gaze.
  • Tracking, exploring and conceptualizing customer position with respect to the target items, shelf or even a screen.
  • Solving the challenges of accurate tracking and re-identifying tagged objects post-collision or during occlusion in normal object tracking technologies using camera.

Artificial Intelligence | Video Analytics

Covering Diverse Domains


Video Analytics

  • Creating Frameworks comprising of multiple real time video analytical algorithms to solve different use cases in different industries and sectors.
  • Deployable both on-premise or cloud.

XR Development

Our XR capabilities revolutionize businesses by offering engaging customer experiences, streamlined operations, and innovative training solutions, ensuring they stay ahead in today's dynamic market.

Meta Quest | Extended Reality

Experience Beyond Boundaries

app dev

XR Development

  • Experience immersive visuals and intuitive joystick/gesture interactions with our platform-agnostic XR solutions.
  • Delivering essential solutions across construction, manufacturing, training, maintenance, remote meetings, and more.